Can You Fix a Cracked Driveway?

Is your driveway cracking? Cracks in your concrete are often a result of poor craftsmanship. Unfortunately, it’s an indication that the concrete is slowly degenerating and it will only continue to get worse. Cracked concrete is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous. Chances are, it won’t withstand the consistent pressure from driving and parking vehicles on it.

But before you do anything to repair your damaged concrete driveway, it’s best to determine what caused it to start cracking.

What Causes Cracks in Concrete Driveways?

When installed correctly, concrete can be the most robust construction material there is. However, careless construction and too much pressure can weaken the strength of the concrete, leaving you looking for solutions for concrete driveway cracks. This can happen in a number of ways.

High Water to Concrete Ratio

Too much water in your concrete mix can cause shrinkage. Shrinkage results from the concrete hardening and drying too fast, compromising its strength. This creates pressure that cracks and breaks the slabs apart. Yet, many contractors use a high water–concrete ratio to make it easier to pour and manage.

Dries Out Too Fast

The curing process is critical for concrete’s durability. A chemical reaction is required during the curing process, which only happens when concrete is kept hydrated.


Concrete may be well-constructed, robust and sturdy, but that doesn’t exempt it from having weight limits. Large, heavy vehicles and equipment parked on and driven over the concrete for an extended period can lead to cracking.

Poor Base

Cracking concrete can also be caused by a poorly compacted base. The best solution for this is to dig out the concrete, then the poorly compacted soil and replace it with crushed rocks for a stronger base.


Heat causes concrete to expand. When your concrete driveway expands, the concrete gets pushed against the walls, poles, and other structures around it. Because concrete is not pliable, the force from the expansion can cause it to crack.

Can Concrete Be Repaired?

While you may find contractors and products that claim concrete can be repaired, in reality repairing cracks is only a band-aid solution; cracks will likely come back and continue to get worse. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to deal with cracks, removing and replacing damaged concrete is the wisest and most cost-efficient option. If you want a smooth, sturdy and long-lasting concrete driveway, you need to have the affected concrete replaced.

Is It Time to Replace Your Concrete?

The best time to replace your concrete is when the following happens to your driveway:

There Are Multiple Cracks

Wide, uneven or deep-set cracks are signs of aged and fragile concrete. These cracks can become hazards, as well as allowing water to permeate into the concrete’s structure causing further damage.

Small hairline cracks may not require urgent attention, but it’s to keep an eye on them to ensure they do not develop.

The Concrete Is Uneven

Your concrete may become uneven if it has not been correctly levelled and prepped. Alternatively, your concrete may settle or sink, becoming uneven, if too-heavy loads are placed on it for extended periods of time. Like cracks, uneven concrete can prove hazardous — for example, making it easy to trip — as well as look unappealing.

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