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High-Quality Concrete Services in Kew

In search of a good concreter in Kew for your construction projects? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! JMC Concrete is the home of the best concreters in Kew and across Melbourne! Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, JMC Concrete has the professional skills and extensive knowledge to provide concrete works for both residential and commercial clients. Our highly-trained, professional and friendly staff are ready to help you.

All work completed by JMC Concrete meets not only our own rigorous standards but those laid out by the Victorian Building Authority and National Compliance Code. You can be confident that all work is undertaken safely and will last for years.

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    On top of this, we encourage our staff to always be quick, friendly, attentive, and prepared in the work field. We believe that creating an easy and enjoyable professional relationship is necessary for the success of every project.

    Concrete needs to be cast by an expert hand to build a strong and durable structure. It is tricky to work with. Do-it-yourself craftsmanship may not only cause the concrete to crack or deform but may also compromise its integrity, making it more vulnerable and hazardous. This is why we recommend being suspicious of cheap quotes that promise high quality. Therefore, JMC Concrete provides not only honest and transparent quotes, but also only employs fully licensed and insured specialists with proper tools and equipment to work on your concrete projects. We ensure our concrete is strong and durable, while maintaining a safe work environment for our employees and clients.

    Find out more about what we offer at JMC Concrete:

    • Foundations: Concrete is one of the most ideal materials for foundations. It has compressive and flexural strength, enabling the foundation to withstand minor soil movements. Because of its strength, density and joint-free construction, it’s watertight enough to prevent water damage and the growth of mould. It’s also fire-resistant, helping to prevent fire from spreading.
    • Concrete replacement: You may see your concrete develop a few cracks, stains, or holes over time. While this may be due to age and accidents, it can also be a sign that it has not been poured correctly. You may think your concrete needs restoration and repairs, but in reality the smarter and more economical choice is to replace it entirely. Cracks and the like will reappear as the problem is not dealt with, only hidden instead. Thankfully, JMC Concrete is available to replace your concrete, ensuring that cracks and discolouration won’t come back.
    • Concrete removal: Breaking concrete requires proper equipment and several specialists. It will take too much time and effort to do it yourself. Thankfully, we at JMC can easily and safely break your concrete structures for you. We’ll even haul away your scrap concrete to save you more trouble.
    • Custom concrete: There’s so much we can do with concrete! We can have it stained, coloured, stamped, and cast into anything you want. We’ll help you customise your concrete so you can have a unique hardscape that fulfils your specific vision.

    Concrete is the best construction material. Not only is it economical, strong, and long-lasting, but it’s flexible in design! It can be moulded to look like rocks, stones, bricks, and more. Read through our other services below:

    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Pathways
    • Excavations
    • Slabs
    • Formwork

    It is our purpose as concreters to help build communities and structurally sound environments, and we will seize every opportunity to do so. We also love seeing our clients in Kew benefit from our concrete works without spending too much, which is why we make an effort to keep our pricing affordable. Your satisfaction is more than enough reward for our hard work. It inspires us to keep serving and growing as a company.

    Looking for a concreting contractor in Kew? We offer a wide variety of services from concrete flooring in residential homes to custom concrete in commercial establishments. Tell us more about your project and we’ll be happy to help you. Call us now!

    Our Client Testimonials

    Below is a collection of client testimonials received throughout the years from our valued clients.

    Jayden was friendly, professional and did high quality work. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jayden again or recommend him.

    Chris Doncaster, VIC

    Top quality job. Everything done as promised with excellent results. Very professional and friendly, good to deal with.

    Shaun Vermont, Vic

    Jayden installed concrete slabs and outdoor tiles on top of it. He has done an excellent job. We haven’t met a tradesperson as honest as him who keeps customer satisfaction as top priority. We highly recommend him.

    Darshil Box Hill North, Vic

    Jayden completed our exposed aggregate driveway and plain concrete to our backyard at out house in Kew. He was very easy to deal with, great communication and competitively priced. I would recommend him as a concreter to anyone.

    Natasha Kew, Vic

    Jayden did a first class job. His attention to details - especially control of water flow - was very professional. He communicated throughout the job such that I was always fully informed of what and when works were taking place.

    Robin Chirnside Park, Vic
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