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What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate is the most common form of decorative concrete used in construction today. Exposed aggregate’s qualities and colours make it perfect for any concreting slab, driveway or entertaining area.

Aggregates are the little stones and pebbles that give concrete its strength. Traditionally, concrete is finished with a smooth cement surface that hides the aggregates from sight. Exposed aggregate concrete, however, is when the aggregates can be seen on the concrete’s surface.

Why You’ll Want Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate has three great qualities: its aesthetics, its friction and its strength. When the aggregates are exposed they can be more beautiful and striking than just a smooth surface. Plus, as the look of the concrete can be changed by changing the type, size and amount of aggregates, there’s an incredible range of exposed aggregate colours to choose from. Each one is sure to expose the natural beauty of the stones used.

Further, the colours and tones of the exposed aggregates can match where you live or complement your existing house. This means you can add concrete to your property that seamlessly blends into your aesthetic and environment.

Exposed aggregates are also highly fricative, which makes them ideal for around pools, driveways and other places where you need a non-slip surface. Plus, exposed aggregate concrete is durable. This means when you install a surface made with exposed aggregates not only will it look great but it will stay looking that way for a long time.

Where Can It Be Used?

As exposed aggregate concrete is versatile, it can be used in a large number of ways. Exposed aggregate is perfect for pool surroundings. It creates a natural look while making the surface less slippery. Alternatively, exposed aggregate makes a great and more unique base for an outdoor entertainment space or patio. Plus, exposed aggregate concrete is an amazing choice to add some flare to a grey coloured driveway.

How Exposed Aggregate Concrete Is Laid

  1. The area is prepared before the concrete is laid. All grass and loose fill is removed and a compacted base of crushed rock is put down to help achieve a stable lay.
  2. Raised steel reinforcements are needed to create a solid and stable concrete slab, o a form of steel mesh or supports is set up before any concrete is poured.
  3. The exposed aggregate concrete mix is then poured. It will be fairly smooth though the size of the aggregates will depend on the design you’ve gone for. All the concrete should be laid within 90 minutes.
  4. As the mix starts to set all, necessary areas will be edged and the entire surface will be troweled to smooth out any imperfections. This will also flatten out the aggregates below and give it an even and consistent look.
  5. Once the exposed aggregate has been finished and the bleed water begins to dry, a surface retarder will be sprayed to keep the very top layer of the concrete moist. (If parts of the concrete dries at different speeds, it may lead to the concrete fracturing.)
  6. The next day, the washing process begins. This is where just enough of the slurry is washed off to expose the aggregates and achieve an even smooth finish. A mix of hydrochloric acid and water is used to clean all the residue, including excess slurry and other contaminants. Just the right amount of slurry must be washed off to achieve that desired exposed aggregate look.
  7. Once the surface is sufficiently dry, the concreter will apply a surface sealer. This protects the concrete and enhances the colour of the exposed aggregate.

Ensuring a Perfect Exposed Aggregate Concreting Job

Although it may seem easy to lay down concrete, there are many variables that can affect the end result. One misstep and the concrete job may be ruined, costing you time, effort and money. If you’re looking for contractors for exposed aggregate driveways, pool sides or entertainment areas, then talk to JMC Concrete. JMC Concrete has spent years in the construction and concreting industry, and knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure a perfect exposed aggregate concreting job every time. Get in touch with us to make your exposed aggregate concrete as beautiful as it can be.

Our Client Testimonials

Below is a collection of client testimonials received throughout the years from our valued clients.

Jayden was friendly, professional and did high quality work. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jayden again or recommend him.

Chris Doncaster, VIC

Top quality job. Everything done as promised with excellent results. Very professional and friendly, good to deal with.

Shaun Vermont, Vic

Jayden installed concrete slabs and outdoor tiles on top of it. He has done an excellent job. We haven’t met a tradesperson as honest as him who keeps customer satisfaction as top priority. We highly recommend him.

Darshil Box Hill North, Vic

Jayden completed our exposed aggregate driveway and plain concrete to our backyard at out house in Kew. He was very easy to deal with, great communication and competitively priced. I would recommend him as a concreter to anyone.

Natasha Kew, Vic

Jayden did a first class job. His attention to details - especially control of water flow - was very professional. He communicated throughout the job such that I was always fully informed of what and when works were taking place.

Robin Chirnside Park, Vic
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