Concrete Removal and Repair

Are you bothered by a huge crack in your patio? Contemplating whether you should call a professional concrete repair service or fix the crack yourself? You may even be thinking of completely getting rid of the concrete! Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Concrete removal

Concrete is heavy! It’s impossible to make it disappear without a lot of effort. You’ll be needing heavy-duty equipment and specialists to safely and effectively break up this tough material. Once it’s broken up, you need to haul it away in a truck to clear up the debris. You’ll be needing a ton of help from professional contractors like JMC Concrete to get the job done.

Concrete Repairs

Concrete foundations and slabs get damaged over time due to careless preparation of the under-surface and sometimes water penetration. Major and minor cracks happen to the concrete when the sub-surface or the foundation’s soil moves due to not being compressed enough.

Can cracked concrete be repaired? Yes, you can easily repair a minor crack. But to repair major cracks and modify the concrete foundations, that’s a job best left to a professional contractor. Even more so for highly technical jobs such as concrete removal. Luckily, JMC Concrete in East Melbourne offers expert solutions such as concrete restoration, removal, customisation, and more.

Minor Repairs

Minor cracks can be repaired by yourself at home with high-quality concrete repair products and following any provided instructions. However, it can be easy to make a mistake if you’re not an expert and you may end up damaging your concrete further. This could lead to spending more time, money and effort on fixing your concrete.

Major Repairs

Most of the time, large cracks are connected to the undersurface of the slab setting. To repair them, you need to first remove the slab, then place a new bed of gravel, before finally topping it with a fresh slab. While it sounds simple in theory, the process is highly technical and can only be done by an expert. Little mistakes can mean having to repeat the process over again and your budget blowing out of proportion.

Major Causes of Concrete Cracking

Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Concrete is a highly porous material. Small cracks form and the surface may even start to flake when water gets absorbed and freezes. That’s why concrete in cold areas is more prone to cracking. If you are installing concrete in an area that is prone to frost and cold weather, you need to make sure appropriate measures are taken to prevent this kind of damage.

Plastic Shrinkage Cracks

This kind of crack happens when the fresh concrete’s surface dries during its plastic state, before it gains its full strength. You may need to replace a section of the concrete or the entire slab.

Corrosion Reinforcing Steel

Be careful not to pour deicing salts on the concrete as this would decrease its alkalinity. When this happens, chloride ions can penetrate into the reinforcing steel causing them to corrode. Once the steel bars rust, the concrete can expand causing it to pop off and crack.

Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

Alkali-aggregate reaction or AAR is an effect caused when alkali hydroxide and the highly reactive aggregates found in the concrete meet. The concrete may then lose its strength when water or any other liquid gets absorbed.

Let us help you

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Our Client Testimonials

Below is a collection of client testimonials received throughout the years from our valued clients.

Jayden was friendly, professional and did high quality work. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jayden again or recommend him.

Chris Doncaster, VIC

Top quality job. Everything done as promised with excellent results. Very professional and friendly, good to deal with.

Shaun Vermont, Vic

Jayden installed concrete slabs and outdoor tiles on top of it. He has done an excellent job. We haven’t met a tradesperson as honest as him who keeps customer satisfaction as top priority. We highly recommend him.

Darshil Box Hill North, Vic

Jayden completed our exposed aggregate driveway and plain concrete to our backyard at out house in Kew. He was very easy to deal with, great communication and competitively priced. I would recommend him as a concreter to anyone.

Natasha Kew, Vic

Jayden did a first class job. His attention to details - especially control of water flow - was very professional. He communicated throughout the job such that I was always fully informed of what and when works were taking place.

Robin Chirnside Park, Vic
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