Concrete Slab Shed Foundation

For a solid shed base, you can’t go past a concrete slab. Concrete provides a durable and stable foundation that is easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, it can handle heavy equipment standing on it without becoming cracked or damaged.

While you can build a concrete slab for a garden shed by yourself, it does require a lot of work and heavy lifting. Additionally, a mistake in the construction stage could not only result in wasted time and energy, but it could also cost you more money. That’s why we recommend contacting a specialist; it will save you time, energy and money. More importantly, you can be reassured of your shed’s workmanship quality.

When to Choose a Concrete Shed Base

A foundation keeps your shed lifted off the ground, preventing mould and rot by reducing the transfer of moisture from the soil. It provides a stable base to build and anchor your shed on so it will last longer. You can construct your shed base with wood and gravel for less, but it may not be the best solution for you. So when is it necessary to build a concrete slab for your shed?

A concrete shed slab foundation is one of the strongest kinds of shed foundation. It can sustain frost movement if constructed properly. It’s best built on flat ground but can also be built on sloped ground. However, this will require more work and cost more.

If you need strong shed flooring to support heavy equipment and objects, then a concrete shed floor is best for you. It also provides excellent ground-level access so it will be easier to move around your heavy equipment. You can use shed base concrete slabs for small generators or even large recycling sheds. Be it plastic, metal, or wood, it can be a strong anchor to any type of shed.

There can be some limitations too though to having a concrete slab base for your shed. Since the slab is heavy and your shed has a permanent foundation, it’s extremely difficult to move to another location, especially for bigger sheds. Also a concrete slab is not recommended for locations which have soft or wet soil. It may require additional work and expenses to keep the foundation stable.

Things to Consider When Building a Concrete Shed Base

Not every location is suitable for a concrete shed base. There are some things you need to consider.

Overall Site

As you survey the proposed site for your shed, ask yourself these questions: Will surface water flow towards or around the shed? Will the shed’s floor be built above the surrounding ground? How will you manage rainwater from the shed’s roof? These questions are important as areas that get waterlogged require more work in order to establish a stable concrete foundation.

Soil Condition

It’s essential to observe the type of soil present at the proposed shed site. This will be a factor in determining how deep you should be digging for your concrete slab foundation. You can get an idea for yourself by testing the soil’s bearing capacity. One way is to use your boot’s heel. If your heel leaves a shallow imprint (about 5mm) in the soil, then it’s good ground to build a concrete base on.


Frost causes moisture in the ground. If the concrete base is not built right, the concrete could freeze and expand, impacting your shed. You may need to ensure that the foundations extend below the frost line to avoid this happening.

Slab Thickness

A typical concrete slab for a shed is about 3-4 inches thick. But some are made thicker for various reasons such as the things mentioned above like site and soil condition and frost problems.


Footings may not be required for your site, but they can be beneficial to anchor your shed against strong winds. Apart from your shed’s foundation, the footings add further resistance. The deeper your footings, the more powerful your shed’s anchoring is.

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