Do You Need a Concrete Slab for a Shed?

Whether you are building a shed for storing your garden tools or you are planning to use your shed space as a home office, play area or workshop, there will be a lot of considerations you’ll need to make before you start this project. Sure, you can find plenty of impressive shed designs online, but the fact is no matter how stylish a shed may look, in truth, it is only as good as the foundation it stands on.

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of using concrete slabs for sheds and why this is likely to be the best option for your project.

What a Solid Foundation Will Give Your Shed

There is no doubt about it, building a shed on a concrete slab base will provide you with the strongest foundation. But that’s not all.

Increased Durability 

Concrete is by far the most durable form of shed foundation you can find. If you opt to use a dense, well-compacted concrete slab for a garden shed, it will certainly provide a level and stable base that is weather-resistant and can withstand localised ground movement.

Opportunity to Support a Timber Sub-Floor

If you are looking to construct a timber sub-floor within your shed space, a concrete slab will provide a good base. To reduce the impact of damp from the ground, you just need to utilise a PVC damp-proof membrane before laying any concrete slabs for your garden shed. Utilising timber battens to raise the timber floor off the concrete slab will also provide added protection against damp by allowing air to circulate and thereby dissipate any moisture under the sub-floor.

Increased Load Resistance

If you plan on storing heavy equipment such as a lawnmower or a barbecue in your garden shed, it’ll be important to have a concrete floor. Concrete, when correctly laid, can withstand an enormous amount of pressure, such as that exerted by the weight of heavy objects. If your floor isn’t strong enough to handle this weight, it may crack or sink, potentially damaging your items and equipment, not to mention making your shed unappealing.

Improved Water-Resistance

A major disadvantage to using solely timber floors in your shed is that exposure to damp conditions can cause them to disintegrate over time. However, concrete slabs won’t experience this issue at all. Even in damp climates, when the concrete has been correctly laid, it will endure easily. Plus, it makes cleaning your garden shed floor a breeze — just take everything out and give the floor a hose, before sweeping the water out.

How Much Does a Concrete Slab for a Shed Cost?

Naturally, with all these great benefits, you’ll definitely want a concrete slab for your shed. But what can you expect when it comes to the cost of concrete slabs for sheds?

When you consider the durability of the concrete — it can last for decades — a concrete slab easily becomes the most cost-effective option. Of course, if you want to get the best value-for-money, you’ll want to avoid DIYing this job. This is because correctly laying concrete is a technical skill, and poorly laid concrete can quickly crack or fail. That’s why it is important to choose a reliable contractor for laying concrete slabs for a garden shed. You can then ask for a quote, which will cover both the cost of supplies and labour. This should also take into account the area you want the slab to go and if this needs to be prepared, and the size of the slab.

So think of your garden shed’s concrete foundation as a long-term investment and find yourself a reputable concreter for peace of mind! Feel free to ask your contractor about their techniques and ask to see testimonials or imagery of previous concreting projects to make sure they’re right for the job.

Who Should You Call?

If you’re looking for concrete slab experts, there’s no one better than JMC Concrete. We can pour the perfect slab for your new garden shed. Get in touch with us today!

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